Here’s my disclaimer page. It’s lengthy but important to read so you know exactly how I work. I recommend reading my about page to get to know me better. I work hard on my blog and ensure the quality is top-notch, honest and clear to my readers. 

  • Everything on L+L is 100% is written by me. I run my blog by myself 
  • I only feature companies, services and events that fit my interests and blog 
  • I am happy to accept gifts, discounts and event invitations. This doesn’t influence/sway my opinion the item, discount, service or event that I’m writing about 
  • Please note I only accept items from brands, services and events that are in line with my interests and blog 
  • Any items gifted on my blog will be marked with “c/o” 
  • I’m very selective with sponsored posts and only work with brands that fit into my interest and L+L ethos. I ensure that sponsored posts have the disclaimer “in a partnership or collaboration with”
  • A collaboration that requires guaranteed blog/social media exposure including requests such as specific keywords or links is considered a sponsored content and a fee will be in place for this 

Topics I cover: Lifestyle | Fashion | Faith (Christianity) | Beauty  | Introversion | Nigerian culture | Black culture |Blogging

What I don’t do: Guest posts | Publish pre-written content | Offer free advertising | Infographics | Giveaways

If you’ve read the above and believe we are a good fit, send an email to lifepluslaughterblog@gmail.com with details of what you have in mind for a collaboration (please include links) and I will get back to you asap.  

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