My ELLE collections magazines are now worth £200+!

When I was back at uni studying fashion journalism, I was obsessed with magazines. One of my favourite magazines to get was ELLE Collections. It was a biannual magazine that was published alongside ELLE magazine to give a roundup of current seasons trends, catwalk shows and other exclusive content. Priced at £5, it was worth the investment for those into fashion magazines.

 It brought so much nostalgia seeing previous collections and what was trending over 10+ years ago!

I collected ELLE collections up until 2011 and went to search to see if it’s still selling and unfortunately it’s no longer published. However, when I went to check to see how they are worth on crazy about magazines, it was around £200+ (yes you read that right). So if you have any old fashion magazines laying about in your house, it highly suggest you keep them because they may be worth money someday!

Questions to think about:

  • Do you still read magazines?
  • Have you got a collection of magazines?
  • What are your thoughts on the decline of magazines? 

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